Saturday, December 29, 2007

Evil Cat

So, there are good days and bad days. It seems that my cat allergy tends to take vacations for a few days then strike hard upon its arrival back to its inhabiting place in my body.  Lately I have been doing much better dealing with this new addition to our family, but sometimes, oh man how I wish I could just breathe. Breathing wise, tonight has been the worst, but Im sure I will be doing better in the morning.  I call him evil cat because although he has a name, CJ, nobody in the family calls him that. My mom calls him little Jack, or kitty. Jack calls him the cat, and Seth also calls him the cat or upon occasion, evil cat also. Evil cat and I have a good relationship, and although it has be suggested that my name for him may be causing him to build a complex, I believe that is a connection the two of us share together that runs far to deep to be stopped.

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