Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Divine Romance

Today, like everyday, was a day where I did something. I may not have done too much, but I did get some reading done. This is an excellent book. I enjoy it very much. From what I have read thus far, it has been a story about God's love and man.  It has amazing imagery, such profound thoughts, it's just really good.  I thought I would throw in this part. This is Adam crying out to God because he is alone.  
All I have heard
I do not fully see.
Your thoughts are beyond
those bestowed upon me.
Your sight is not mine to own.
Nor angels nor archangels , I presume,
have ever known this thought. 
But this I declare,
Make me a seed
Place me now, this hour,
into that dirt
from which I sprang.
Out from your finger
or out from my heart
bring forth to me now
my counterpart.

I think I found this part to be so cool because after reading the previous chapters, I had made this connection with Adam and his desire to also have a counterpart like the other creatures of the earth. God had explained to him, as an analogy, the idea of a seed being one, then falling to the dirt, as if in non existence, but becoming a plant in which more seeds are created. So, this seed would be one, but there would be two from this one. Perhaps I am bad at explaining things, but I recommend that you read this book. I am enjoying it and perhaps you will too. Until next time, this is elisha, the lone ranger, over and out.

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