Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Smelly Dogs and Cold Weather

Tonight I had the honor of bathing my dog Buddy. Poor Buddy has been sleeping, eating, and just flat out living in his own filth. By filth, I mean his horrible dog smell. Buddy lives outside when nobody is home and lives inside when someone is. Unfortunately, it is a very rare occasion when Buddy gets to smell flower fresh. Buddy is an overweight fake arthritic three year old chocolate lab. Getting this hydrophobic dog (ironically) into the bath tub had shown itself to be quite the obstacle. Normally Buddy gets a bath outside, but lately the weather has been too cold for him. His smell however, was progressively getting worse. So, into the only shower in my house we went. Without going into all the details of the experience, let me just share with you a few things. I am freezing cold, soaking wet, covered in brown dog hair, and smell like a mix between fresh n’ clean’s scented creme rinse, deodorizing dog shampoo, and suave ocean breeze. Now, I must be on my way to cleaning up the bathroom with has almost as many stray hairs as the girls common bathrooms in North Russell. 

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