Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Earlier today Devan was asked to go and shovel snow off of the balcony. It's not really a balcony, but the results of his shoveling were quite unfortunate. One must ask themself, "Where is all the snow going from that roof?" Well, let me tell you, it ended up on my car. I had to drive to Kevin and Alainas in order to catch a ride to whitefish, but upon exiting the building, there was a massive mound of snow piled atop my car. I'd say a good foot. I was sad. All was okay though. I managed. And why am I writing this blog? Eric said, "You should blog about this." This is the result of such a statement.


devan michael said...

hhe he it was all on purpose too

Elisha said...

And I defended you!