Friday, February 15, 2008

Lactic Acid: Richard Simmons or silly games?

First of all, yes I stole this picture from Levi. Second, this is ridiculous. I remember when I was in third grade and I would hang out at my best friends house. Now, we didnt do what normal kids did at that age, we didnt play with barbie's or build forts. We didnt listen to britney spears or christina agulaira. Well actually the last three are true, but they werent really my idea. Anyway, we did much more. On almost a daily basis, we would exercise with the one and only richard simmons. Now, I felt the burn richard. I was feeling it, and until this day, I have not experienced such an amount of lactic acid burning in my muscles.  Tonight we played a game. We had to grab a paper bag with our mouths while standing on one leg. Nothing can touch the ground but the one foot we are standing on.  If you touch the ground you are, as levi puts it, discriminated. So, you get eliminated. Then after everyone has done it, an inch is cut off of the bag. Now, I thought, I've got this, this cant be that bad. Well friends, I was wrong.  Lucky for me, Levi was eliminated first, saving me the humiliation and total embarrassment of being first out. Unfortunately, I went out second. I put up a fight though. I hopped on that one leg for a good amount of time. Then after a great amount of jumping, a great amount of attempted snatches, a great amount of lactic acid building up in my leg, I finally went out as I spun out of control and knocked into kevin.  In my defense, after the second round my body was shaking incredibly. My hands were shaking more than almost ever before. I think it was adrenaline and the coffee I drank. Anyway, sara and coy were the last two standing. Incredible talent. I took the remnants of the bag so I can practice on my own time. So, look out world, here I come!

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Coy said...

The Trammel train believes in you,and just so you know Coys leg is still sore.