Saturday, February 16, 2008

Look who's back, back again. Frosty's back, tell a friend.

Thats right friends. He's back. Now, I have recently decided to take action against the neighborhood snowman crimes that have been occurring lately. If you have read my previous post about frosty, then you know what I'm talking about. If you didnt, well, there has been some snowman gang related violence going on in our hood. Snowman on snowman, snowmano y snowmano. Anyway, yesterday I drove past the home of where the gang leader once lived and well, he was gone. Completely gone. Im thinking that the cops found out and took him into custody. However, there is a snowman right across the street from the old gang leader and lately he has been looking quite smug. Im thinking it may have been a homicide, or snowhomicide. Anyway, he is appearing weaker and weaker as each day passes. So today I got Kelsey and Rachel out into the front yard with me and we fixed up Frosty (who apparently goes by Mikey). Frosty is bigger than ever, mightier than before, and definitely better looking. He's healthy and really can pack a punch. To give you an idea of his size. This is a picture of my standing next to him. He is a good looking guy isnt he. Well, I'll leave you beautiful people with this. Frosty may have been taken advantage of before, but snow people beware! There's a new sheriff in town!

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