Thursday, February 21, 2008

Made from the pressed curds of milk grilled sandwich

It was successful. This would be attempt number one at making a grilled cheese all by myself. (note: it may be a second or third attempt based a possibility of suppressed memories of a failed first and second attempt) This was an amazing sandwich. Unlike the french toast I attempted on my own, this did not make the smoke alarms go off, nor was it burned. I know the picture looks burnt, but it really wasnt. I have my ghetto sidekick camera phone to thank for that. Also, I cooked two corn dogs. That is nothing new. I can do that with y eyes closed. You may be asking yourself, "If she can make them with her eyes closed, then why are there gross looking cracks in the corn dogs?" To that I would respond by telling you that I over cook them so that they WILL crack all the way down the center. I think they taste better that way.

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