Saturday, February 16, 2008

Movie Experience

These are some pictures from my first movie experience outside of an El Paso Cinemark since Boston way back when.  This is a Signature Theater. Not to shabby. It was pretty clean, pretty nice. I enjoyed it. I laughed at the line and thought to myself, "Oh mama, you could have this thing cut down in no time" (and yeah, I suppose I do call myself mama, and perhaps I would like a medallion). Anyway, I was quite fond of the size of the poppers. They were like twice as large as the once I have experience with, but thats just for like the popped popcorn, the actually kettle was the same old thing.  I was opposed to the guy that tore our tickets. He wasnt very friendly, he just ripped them in half, gave us a funny look and we were on our way. It was pretty chill. Seeing happy kids working would have been cool, but I understand it may have been in the middle of a rush. (Although I wouldnt be surprised if it was a rush. Even though it wasnt very busy, Kalispell isnt that large.) Anyway, it was lovely.

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