Friday, February 8, 2008

Sad Research

I've been researching a lot of stuff on suicide, seeing as we are nearing that time of the year where the single find themselves even more alone. I got to asking myself, how is Valentine's day different from any other. After doing some research, I didn't find too much claiming that suicide rates went up on Valentine's day. I did find that there was a plot for like 35 people to all commit suicide on this day, but luckily it was foiled. I did find that every 17 minutes some one dies because of suicide. Thats roughly 80 people a day in the US that die for this one reason. What made me even more sad was that I found that in addition to these 80 people, there are somewhere around 1500 people who attempt suicide each day. It is a sad topic to research. Sad, sad, topic.


Mom said...

why are you researching this topic?

Elisha said...

because valentines day is just like any other day.