Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday Morning Not So Boring

The title of this blog would rightfully be referring to this day. Today is thursday. Why wouldn't it be thursday right? I should know that today is thursday. After all, yesterday was wednesday. How do I know that yesterday was wednesday? Well, yesterday was church. Church days are obviously church days. I mean think about it. When you spend the day at the church, then you hang out with the youth group doing silly things like human knots and what not, then well, its kind of obvious that it's a wednesday. Anyway, after church comes LOST, and I'm thinking that this is where things went downhill. I think that LOST is starting to make all the days seem the same. I mean, we watch like four episodes a day, so I guess I should have know that days and nights would start getting confused. Thats not what this is about though. This is about Sara calling me at 8 in the morning to ask for a ride to the Strand. Hmm, why would she be asking me when I dont plan to wake up until 9:30? Well, you see, today is thursday, and thats where I got lost. Thursday's I babysit at the church while the women have their bible study. Silly me huh? I didnt even think about it. I was so confused. Why would I wake up early today? Wait, what is today? Sara is calling me? Oh gosh. I have Alaina to thank for that. Luckily she wasnt going, so Sara needed a ride. Luckily, Sara thought of me. Sara and Alaina, you guys saved the day! Anyway, I got to watch Emma (seeing as Lenya was asleep and Zach wasnt there) and we had fun together. Besides the fact that she is completely crazy (which isnt really true, she's more cute and strange) we got along swell. We read books, colored, ate crackers, messed around on the floor and looked at a clock. (The clock observation was quite intriguing I must say) Anyway, long story short, Emma is a super sweet kid and that is definitely pretty awesome. I smell like a kid again (in a good way), I think I have animal crackers on my jacket (which isn't too bad), and I am oh so very ready for some soup and a roll.


alaina said...

I'm so glad I didn't bring Zach because he was so grumpy yesterday morning. The poor little guy, I think he must have felt pretty terrible.

Coy said...

You save the day every Thursday by watching our kids. Thank you!