Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cold feet, cool feat.

So, this morning has been a morning Ive been trying to reach for a long time. So, I decided a while back that I wanted to make an effort to go out to woodland park in the morning. Well, I did it today. After leaving the house, I made my was to Albertson's to pick up some doughnuts. (A little known fact: Dunkin' Donuts is my favorite, then closely followed up by Albertson's, then Shipley's donuts, and last would be the krispy kreme. (yuck, thinking about it makes me feel fat)) Anyway, I grabbed my doughnuts and 1% low fat milk and started on my journey.  Although when I arrived I was drawn back by the smell of fish, I realized once I got deeper in, the smell resided.  So, I found a nice little spot next to the massive lake and took a seat. The tree next to me seemed to be crying, so I took a picture. Now, I thought, woodland park, it wont beat Cameron Park, but Im sure it will be peaceful, quiet, pretty, and for the most part I was right.  However, there was a mass of aves that seemed to be crying out for their mothers or something. I found myself looking over to make sure that there werent any small children running into trees or trash cans or something.  To put their sound into perspective, it sounded like OOUUUUU! (pronounced ouch but without the "ch"). Now friend, it wasnt just ou, it was a very very high pitched, sound. Think of something high pitched, now raise that up a couple octaves. Yeah, thats the sound. I really wanted to get some pictures of the birds (becuase Im weird) but I decided I would not share my beloved chocolate doughnuts with such a creature as a bird. So, basically, they just kind of ran away from me for the most part. So, I finished my breakfast and made my way along the little path. I ran into a couple friends, harry and sally. Harry was kind of cool, but Sally didnt like him hanging out with me, so the two went on their way whence they noticed I had to source of food for them.  I then came upon a little sign that so thoughtfully informed me that I had walked a whole quarter of a mile. That was quite the experience, but even better than that, I managed to walk half a mile within a matter of seconds. Upon passing my quarter mile, I took a couple steps, turned around and realized I had gone three quarters of a mile. So, needless to say, in an effort to get in shape, I walked about six and three quarter miles in a matter of one and a half minutes. Exercise never felt better. Anyway, moving along, I continued on my journey in the park. In an effort to avoid the mass amounts of fecal matter left behind by the birds, squirrels, and other woodland creatures.  I was pretty successful until I got distracted by the ducks that seemed to be sleeping in the water. Either ducks have lost their minds, or the have no sensory nerves. Sleeping in ice is what they were doing. Crazy I say! So, after dragging my right foot on the floor for a little while, I felt my shoe had been sufficiently cleaned to continue its original purpose. I found a nice little table, took a seat, watched the birds on the ice, then cracked open my bible for a little quiet time. It was quite pleasant.  I enjoyed what I was doing and everything that was going on. Then it started to snow, or flake at least. Needless to say, it was freezing. I managed to tough it out for a little while. Then, seeing as I was kind of far away from my car, I decided to get a move on to avoid getting frost bite. Fortunately for me I am pretty good at estimating when my toes are going to fall off. The last couple steps to the car were trying, but I made it in all in one piece.  Then, I turned on my ipod, listened to some As Tall As Lions, and put the heater on full blast on by toes. It was pleasant. This small feat of making it to woodland park at this time of the year was wonderful. I hope to go back again in the morning sometime soon. Maybe tomorrow, if work permits. Oh joyous day!

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