Sunday, March 30, 2008

Like a giraffe, only smarter

So, I have something of great importance to share.  I have lost my voice. It left me only partially last night, but I think because I was forced to speak at work all day yesterday, my voice suffered. I woke up his morning and could not say a word. I dont even have like that raspy voice. It;s just no voice. It is sad. But, even sadder is that everybody notices (or lacks to notice). They lack to notice my presence only because they notice my lack of verbal communication. It is sad. I have never realized how much I think about things before I say them. All afternoon I've been listening to conversations and desiring to chime in, however, when I come up with some witty remark, just before I speak, I realize I cant speak. So, sad story, I don't get to share my witty thoughts or just thoughts in general with anybody. It is really sad.  Giraffes have no vocal chords. They cant communicate verbally. They say that human communication is only like 10% verbal, but I think I may be an exception. Today I am like a giraffe, only smarter. Why? because I can use a computer.  Anyway, I need verbal communication to be noticed. Its sad I know. In fact, everyone just joked about me using my computer to express my thoughts. Typing is my was of communication, and sadly enough, it is true, for now at least. So I will continue to "type up a storm"


Mom said...

So sorry you are speechless today. However, you will grace everyone you meet with your beautiful presence! Feel better! And sometimes it's good just to listen, it opens a whole new world of perceptions and senses!, eh?!! : 0 ) A new creative assignment awaits you!

alaina said...

I am so sad for you that you cannot speak. But you are a great writer, I love reading your blogs. Kev is too, it must be one of those things that runs in the family. I hope you get better very soon.