Friday, March 7, 2008

Oh happy day!

What am I talking about? As previously stated, my phone died off on me today. This wasnt just any phone, this was the Nokia 6030. This phone is possible one of the least technologically advanced pieces of mobile communication I have ever owned, and believe me friends, I have owned my fair share. Now, at first this pone was one of which I hated. I hated that it didnt have a camera, I hated that it didnt flip, I hated that it was lame, and I hated almost everything about it. However, during winter vacation I was presented the opportunity to switch to a sidekick3. So, I made the transition.  It was a smooth transition, however I found myself hating the phone that was"designed for users who want to keep on top of their social lifestyle rather than their workload, and for teens and twenty-somethings, the Sidekick is a solid and fun device. (cnet editors review)" I found that this phone that was supposed to be an upgrade from the sidekick2 (whom we saw Paris Hilton, Snoop Dogg, Lindsay Lohan, Tony Hawk all to be fans of) was merely a sad, sad excuse for an overrated, oversized, technologically lacking camera flip phone. Long story short, I hated it. I hated that it was so big, and so bulky, and I hated that it offered me nothing more than my old phone except for pictures. Not only this, but pictures that I could not even send out to people. That would require an extra 20 bucks a month and Im perfectly fine only paying 65 dollars a month. So, I decided to stick with the nokia because it could fit in my pocket.  So, I thought my phone broke today. I had charged it all night long and randomly on my break it shut off. I turned it on, and for about two minutes it worked fine. Then it turned off again. So, there I was, bummed because I was convinced my lame phone had officially died. I should have seen it coming. I cant even tell you how many times I have dropped it. Anyway, I was terribly sad. So, I came home from work and immediately plugged it into the charger. Frantically trying to remedy the ailments that my phone was enduring I failed to notice one thing. What was that one thing? Well, patience and I will tell you. I was convinced it was gone. I let it sit for a good amount of time and nothing was changed. It had made its way up to cell phone heaven. I was sad. Now, I know I should have been happy for it, ya know, not having to live on this earth anymore. It could celebrate with all its other phones up in cell phone heaven, but who am I kidding, not even the iPhone has a soul (yet... who knows what apple will come up with next). Anyway, I was sad. I changed out my SIM card into its new home. I placed it in the sidekick3 and went on my way, my sad, sad, little way.  After a long afternoon of carrying around a practically brick cell phone I made my way back home.  It wasnt until about 9:00 when I decided to give old faithful another try, and that friends, that is when I noticed the error of my ways. This looks fairly normal right? Right. Well, this is what I saw. Unfortunately though, this is not what I needed to see. My phone works now. Its a miracle I say.

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