Tuesday, April 8, 2008


So, lately I've felt Ive seen this car everywhere. Then, the other day I was driving home and it hit me. I dont see it everywhere! It is just parked outside a house that is on the way back to the Kimports. So me, being myself, thought it would be a great idea to capture it on film (or phone?) So I did. Unfortunately I was so nervous because the garage door was open. So I drove around the block a couple times really slow and with the window rolled down. Not only that, in order to get a closer shot, I drove on the wrong side of the street. Sad story friends, that picture was horrible. So, while trying to be inconspicuous I park my car down one house, left it running, pulled up my hood, ran into their yard, snapped a shot, scurried back to my car  and drove off! That is not the end of my sad story. While trying not to be suspicious I think I twisted my ankle, so instead of running back to my car I kind of hobbled. That is all. Interesting red car. Very eye catching. I guess thats what I was getting at.

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