Friday, April 25, 2008

But wait... it's still not over

So tonight after the volunteer pot luck (more so toward the end of it) I thought I heard alivia rummaging around in the kitchen. I wasnt surprised. I did catch her drinking a creamer packet. Anyway, I went in there and realized the noise was coming from the closet. Upon entering I didnt see Alivia, but rather Jennie looking for something in the dark. I happened to notice a package of brownies with birthday candles atop. "Hmm", I said to myself, "I wonder whats going on here." She looked like she had been caught. That didnt stop her though. She continued to try and hide her go abouts by calling Alaina in to help her find something. I was pretty sure she was looking for a lighter, so I took Alaina to get the lighter than sat down waiting for my brownies, and sure enough, here comes jennie with brownies and candles, singing with a bunch of other people Happy Birthday. I was quite pleased. Overall: Really awesome Birthday, really awesome friends, really awesome memories.

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