Monday, April 21, 2008

An emotional day

Goodness, I dont even know where to start. Ive told this story several times, but I feel it must be documented. Well, I'll give it a shot. Alaina and I were planning a birthday party for the two of us this thursday. It was going to be tons of fun (despite the snow, rain, lack of bbq pits oh and did I mention the snow.) Anyway, I love sundays. Sunday is by far my favorite day of the week. However, there is one small problem. I always have to work on sundays.  Now, I went to work after church on sunday and I was happy, jolly, and had a good attitude about it. I didnt want to be there and I didnt want to stay there till 8:45, but I was scheduled to. So, I put on my best face and went to work. I had just gone up to a girl I work with, Joy, and asked her if she ever had moments in which she just randomly became overjoyed and happy, because that is what had just happened to me. I felt like singing (in fact I was, to Im pickin up good vibrations) Anyway, she thought I was weird. So, then I see Jane and Garren. I am always happy to see people I know when I work, it makes me feel a lot better about working, but this day was different. Garren said, "So, I guess you're not going to the big party huh?" to which Jane said jokingly, "I guess youre not that close to your sister in law" So it didnt really phase me till they left. And thats when it hit me. There was a surprise party for Alaina. Logically I knew it wasnt for me because everybody knew I was working, and "sister in law" kind of gave away that it was for Alaina. So, that happy streak where I wanted to convince customers to but impulse items like crazy, yeah, that was gone instantly. I thought to myself, "man, I am soooooooooo depressed. I cant believe that everyone forgot about me and decided to throw alaina a surprise party" to which I got to thinking even more, "AND I WASNT EVEN INVITED!" So, thats when I got even more sad. I was thinking, you know, if someone told me, or if I were invited, I would have found someone to cover my shift.  So I was really sad. I hit stage two, Denial.  I was thinking, Jane and Garren dont know what they're talking about. They must be mistaken, there is no party. Stage three, Realization. Jane and Garren had just purchased seven two liter sodas. There is no way they would just do that randomly. There was a party, it was for Alaina, I wasnt invited, I was depressed. I tried to console myself. I was telling myself, its alright, Josh has to work today too, he isnt going to be there. As well as praying. Man, did I pray. I was like, "God, please help me not to feel so jealous and sad right now" along with stuff like, "I know that you have a greater plan in this" and what not. So, I was getting a bit of peace with the issue. Now, mind you, I was not completely at peace.  This girl I work with came up to me and asked me to cover her closing shift that night. I figured, everyone will be at Alaina's party, I'll have nowhere to go, I might as well spend my time alone working for money.  Well, that shift would have put me at six hours. At six hours you have to take a break, so they sent me on my lunch at 6:35. I seriously considered sitting in my car and wallowing in my sorrow, but instead I decided to head home and grab my bible and journal. Pulling up to the driveway I saw coy and erin working on coys car. So naturally I thought, "great, coys car broke down when at starbucks and erin is helping him fix it." The garage door was open and I considered going through the front door to say hi to coy and anyone else in the front of the house, but then I decided I would rather go through the garage and avoid EVERYONE. Walking in I noticed lots of balloons and food. It hit me. This is where Alaina's surprise party was going to be. I was really sad. I had walked into the set up for a party that wasnt mine. But that wasnt the case. Then the few people in the house at the time (Levi, Jennie, Sara, Tiffany) all were like, "uh.... surprise...." I think it was then that I realized that it was also my surprise party. I think i started to shake and get really awkwardly emotional because I realized I had just agreed to close for a friend at work and I had to do it cuz I was on a break for a six hour shift. So, not only did I walk in on a set up for my surprise party, but I was going to miss it because I agreed to cover a shift. So sad. Anyway, it turns out Kevin had spoken to my floor manager about getting me out of work and the guy wasnt very cool about it and would let me off. So, I figured I was doomed. So I did what any smart child would do (like when they ask mom and she says no, so they go ask dad cuz he will say yes) I went and talked to a different manager, and she let me go. So, not only did I get to o to my party, but I got off work 2 hours early.  walking in the front door the second time I was greeted by more people, but I acted surprised anyway.  Alaina showed up and I opened the door for her while she turned about ten different shades of red. So, it was a super awesome night. We both got super cool straighteners, and just had a lot of fun. I would like to say though, if Jane and Garren hadnt said anything, then I would have probably never taken the shift and come home on that break, so, because of them, I got off two hours early and got to celebrate my entire party with everyone. Oh happy day. 

FYI: there will be no party on thursday. hah.


eric m. said...

wow. that's a great story. i knew it already but i still enjoyed reading it. the only way it could be improved upon is if you somehow wrote the whole thing out as a poem.

also, it was inspiring to see how God used jayne and garren's evil for good.

alaina said...

that is such a sad sad story. but I'm glad that you were able to get off early, even if it did mean enduring all that heartache beforehand.