Monday, April 21, 2008

Fred and Bill

What are these? Where are they located? Well, I have the answers and much more. Let me give you a little bit of a back story. Last semester, while at Baylor, my mom purchased for me a care package for finals. In the package there was a bag of gummi bears. Now, these two little fellows that you see here, well, they are two of the gummi bears. What you see is Fred and his friend Bill. Where you see them located is the headboard and wall of my bed at Baylor. When was this picture taken? The answer to that would be about five minutes ago. You see, I have this problem where, if I name something edible, I cant very well eat it without feeling extremely guilty. So, before I packed up all my stuff to leave waco, I left fred and bill on my headboard. I told Alyssa (my roomie) not to ever throw them away. Well, I frequently talk to Elba and Alyssa through the wonders of skype late at night and they reminded me of the two little creatures. So, this is an update: 
1)Fred and Bill are as good as ever. Yes, very hard and a little bit dusty and fuzzy, but as sweet as before.
2) My friends still love me a lot and remember my paranoia with being in the restroom at the same time as anyone else
3)Penland still serves food at 1am but no longer plays secular, risque, fowl rap songs.

1 comment:

eric m. said...

fowl rap songs?
man, those are my favorite...

yo i'm the cock of the walk
you know i carry a glock

did i say glock? i meant gizzard
but back off fool, i'm the poultry wizard

so don't get in my way or be dissin
or i'll beak you in the head, i'm no chicken

even though i know how to rule the roost
i know how to party, i like to get loose

but i don't like bad weather
it really ruffles my feathers

so is a rapping chicken enough of a treat
to prevent you from creating kentucky fried me?