Monday, April 28, 2008

Law Roundup

I'm not sure if any of you fine people read The Daily Interlake too often, but I have recently found a new found love for one section of it. No, its not living section, nor is it Business, but rather, this little piece of journalism creates a tingling sensation that just kind of tickles me to my most visceral core.  It is called, Law Roundup (found under records).  If you didnt know by now that Kalispell is a small town, perhaps this section of the newspaper will reassure such a statement that I am making. Let me give you a little snippet of what Law Roundup really is

Here are some I read: (word for word yo)
A vehicle on Shady Lane was observed with two different license plates on the back.
A man acting strangely reportedly tried to steal a roll of toilet paper from an Evergreen hotel.
A motorist on Fifth Avenue West North and Idaho Street was reportedly talking on a cell phone and using a laptop computer while driving.
Officers counseled a man no longer welcome at a South Main Street bar.
A purse went missing from a Mexican restaurant in Bigfork.
Deputies visited a hobo camp behind businesses on U.S. 2 in Evergreen three times with orders for the transients to move along.
Pills and a needle found at the Flathead County Justice Center turned out to be vitamins and a dry wall hanging tool.
A sandwich and a cigar were stolen from a convenience store on U.S. 93 and Montana 40.

Maybe I'll add some to my blog once in a while.


eric m. said...

great post, e, but longtime readers of my blog will remember I posted a similar story many months ago. It's good to know someone else appreciates the daily interlake's law section. I'll post a link to mine later or you can try to search for it.

Elisha said...

eric, I did not know about your previous blog. I feel so ashamed. All I saw a relation to was the old school newspaper that was talking about the random people who visited town for a day. But yes, a link would be appreciated, e. Anyway, that is all for now. Thanks for being such a good blog reader.

sara said...

When I lived in Moriarty (a smaller sucky town in New Mexico) they had the same thing and I loved it.