Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The ways of a Guido

Now, some of you may be thinking, the Guido's are a strange type. And perhaps you only have that idea because you know about Kevin, Alaina, Zachary and I. Now, if you read my previous blog, you could throw Seth into the mix as well. I am here to present to you perhaps the strangest of all of the Guidos. Yeah, we are all pretty weird and have our own little quirky characteristics, but let me continue.  This is Kris. Kris has often been described as being ALL of the village people combined into one very strange, mustached being.  Here are some pictures. You see my mom, alaina, kevin, kris, mallory and myself. This is what the Guidos do in their spare time.


eric m. said...

huh? Guidos have spare time? No way.

sara said...

Thats awesome, I love how weird you guys are.