Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Apple Carrot Beet Ginger Juice

Is quite possibly the least delicious combination in the world.  Let me take you through the process. I decided I didnt want any more fruit juice, so I moved on to bigger things. I hit the organic food store which also serves juices, fresh juices that is.  Anyway, I looked for vegetable juices in bottles, but not like any "from concentrate" stuff. Unfortunately there werent any good looking, semi fresh ones, so I asked an employee, who happens to go to the college group, a recommendation for a fresh juice. Long story short, I ordered the apple, carrot, beet, ginger juice.  Why did I do this? Well, honestly, nobody on earth could quite possibly know. I hate beets. I have always hated beets. I have always hated them because they pretty much taste like dirt. Oh, and it has a hint of unripe nastiness  to it. Perhaps it was the fact that I could watch them get all of the vegetables and fruits juices out by placing them in a contraption of great juicing capacity. Anyway, like I said, I must have been distracted or something.  I had a conversation with the woman about ginger. It kind of went as follows.
"Do you like ginger?"she asked
"Well, I guess I'll find out. Im going to drink it all no matter what."
"Because its strong, so I dont like to put too much in if you dont really like it."
"Well, like I said, I'll drink it all anyway"
"Do you know what ginger tastes like?" 
and me, thinking about sunday school the other day and how I smelled ginger and was able to guess what it was without reading the label replied,
"Oh! Like gingerbread!"
to which she replied by laughing
I then interrupted her laughter by saying,
"But stronger" very sternly, as if I was not even being serious about the gingerbread comment.
"Yeah, a lot stronger."
Anyway, I left with my freshly squeezed (or juiced) drink. But like I said, Im not quite sure what I was thinking. Its pretty gross. I think my stomach is upset because of it, although that may just be a result of the price it cost to buy it.

The juice is redder than the habitat room walls.
Eric says, "You cant beet that!" (but not to the above statement)
I hate beets.


eric m. said...

beats. bears. battlestar galactica.

eric m. said...

dang it. I meant beets. Stupid spell check thing.

Jake Bramante said...

Dag yo! That's funny stuff. Your face is killer. Sounds way disgusting.