Sunday, May 4, 2008


So, the other night  (as in last night) I was up till about 3 in the morning. What was I doing? Well, I wasnt wasting my time on facebook, nor was I watching tv via the internet, but rather, I was expanding my intelligence with some quite fascinating information. I recently had a discussion about what animal has the largest eye. It was said to be the giant squid. Well, last sunday at target, our trivia question of the day was, "what animal has the largest eye" The answer was the giant squid. Well, last night I got to thinking, "why wouldnt it be the colossal squid if the colossal squid is way bigger?" So I did what I always do and I researched. Im big into researching. I feel that I am quite good and finding credible information off of the internet and I also enjoy doing it. So, I found out that they (being anybody, any group of scientists) had never found a colossal squid with intact eyes. So, it was never recorded as to how big their eyes were. Well, in February of 2007 a fishing boat near Antarctica found a colossal squid. Now Im not sure as to how it all went down, but the caught it and were able to freeze it. So, they took it to New Zealand. Scientists have been thawing it out in salt water recently and on the 29th of April, 2008, they started dissecting it. They found out that this was not a full sized colossal squid and because it was dead and had been frozen, the eyes were not the same size as they would have normally been. On another note, they determined that if the creature had still been alive, its eyes would have been the size of beach balls. So, with that being said, the colossal squid now has its ranks above the giant squid when it comes to eye size. I am happy about that. After I was satisfied with my findings I continued my research by checking out information on deep sea exploration. I went to bed at 3 or 3:30ish. It was fun. 

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Jake Bramante said...

Good catch... but ew! Gross!