Thursday, May 8, 2008

Inabilities and Can-do's

I have the inability to multitask when it comes to certain things.  Some are as follows:

1. Listen to music and write (or type)
2. Listen to music and read (and comprehend)
3. Drive and eat chocolate (without spilling something in my car)
4. Brush my teeth and put on my shoes (or socks). (usually I walk around desiring to shoe myself with my tooth brush in my mouth. I usually stop brushing my teeth, put on my shoes, then continue.)
5. Watch television and do anything on the computer
6. Text and look inconspicuous
7. Have a conversation and type something different
8. (seven is a good number to stop at, so here is eight)

I have the ability to multitask at many things. Some are as follows:

1. Listen to music and do calculus (or any math for that matter)
2. Drive and text (or operate an iPod)
4. Wash my hair and my body (thing category also includes shower and sing)
5. Drive and open a bottle
3. (I just realized I missed three. Note to self, add count and type to the above list) Talk and listen to a completely different conversation.
6. Listen to multiple people speak at the same time
7. Eat and read (wonderful)
8. (seven is a good number to stop at, so here is eight.) 
7. Sleeping and reading. (Im kidding, I cant do that. Although I do enjoy lucid dreams and all the crazy dreams that I experience.)

Thats all for now. I'll move on to something else now.


Jake Bramante said...

Holy crap this is funny. I loved the part about forgetting number 3. Niiiiice. ;-)

Elisha said...