Thursday, May 8, 2008


So, it's been another semester since I left Baylor. Many things have changed, but this bear has been unchanging. I got these pictures from Elba today. One late night last semester I got to thinking. My roommate, Alyssa, always left on the weekends to go home. Well, I got to thinking about crazy stuff and then started to research nooses. I learned how to tie one then practiced with a honey bear. Long story short, the honey bear still hangs in our dorm... right where I left him. On a side note, my mom seems to think most of my blogs tend to be kind of depressing. I told her about how I was going to write about a noose to which she replied, "Fine, write about a noose, but it better be happy and up lifting" To which we both found ironic. She then said, "No pun intended" and went on about something of the sort of her petting the cat and thinking about twisting his head off just because it was so fragile. Funny is what I say.
*on another note, I was thinking about skin the other day and I've come to a conclusion. The fact that skin is an organ really grosses me out. 

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