Saturday, May 24, 2008

An Old Blog, brought up yet again

So, I wrote this blog in november. I wanted to post it here in the event that I one day delete my myspace. I enjoyed writing this blog and I remember when I did it. The event was quite an exciting time in my life.

Turkeys, Cranberries, you know, and all the rest 
How does one start a blog with such depth? How does one start a blog that hits on such issues? Well, Im not quite sure, that is why I am starting it out like this. 

Thanksgiving, it is my favorite holiday... I think. I just dig all that cool stuff that goes along with it. I love the company, the intentions, the food, the food, the intentions, the company. You know, all that stuff.

Today I was making turkey hand invitations to a lifegroup dinner we are having on sunday. (if you dont know what a lifegroup is, let me inform you. It is a small group of people within the church that get together weekly to enjoy the fellowship and glorify God) Anyway, so, I was making these invitations to this Thanksgiving dinner on sunday and it hit me. This is so messed up. Not the dinner, not the people i was going to invite, not the paper or the glue, not the markers or the words the invitations spoke. No, it was the invitation itself. Not just the invitation, but the way we (as sick sick people) treat the holiday and the poor little pultry that must have the seat of honor at (or perhaps better worded "on") the dinner table.

Who in their right mind thought that a happy turkey would make Thanksgiving more enjoyable or inticing? It wasnt me, thats for sure. Why would any turkey want to represent a holiday that our culture so allows for the mass slaughter of such an innocent helpless animal? I am mad at myself a bit. My ever so thought out invitations that I works for hours on were actually manipulating my invitees. It was subliminal. A happy turkey leads to a happy party leading to me not driving alone to dinner on sunday. So, I concluded that it was very wrong of me to misrepresent the turkey communtity in such a way. A real turkey, a turkey living in a realistic world would not be holding up such a happy smile and a happy sign, nor would it be saying eat more chicken, or eat more beef, or eat more in general. I think a real turkey would be running. He would be hiding. He would be doing all that was in his power to avoid the ever so relentless mouths of the American population. Poor turkey.

Well, that was one thing I was thinking. Then I started thinking a bit more. I am analytic... i think, wait... no i couldnt be... well there was that one time, well no, that doesnt count, but there was.... no. Anyway, I was thinking, maybe the turkey population sees no hope. Maybe they figure, "hey! there is no way we are getting out of this. this tradition has been going on since 1621. Who are we to try and stop an american tradition?" So, I figured, they see no hope. So, in death, they claim fame. They claim eternal life. They claim the media and the smiles of children and families everywhere. They "okay" the sick use of their image just so they can have their one day out of the year when they can be the center of attention, when they can be ever so tediously attended to. It is sick how american tradition brainwashes the minds of poor little creatures.

Anyway, I dont like the idea of all this business. I dont like the idea of the happy turkey, but... I made the invitations anyway and they were very cute. They will get my point across and they will show how i worked really, really hard on them. So maybe, I will not drive alone to lifegroup dinner. I am excited. The turkeys are excited. Oh boy oh boy. I am an American. I like turkey (boy do I like turkey).

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