Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Random Blog

I have a lot to say right now.  I have a list of five blogs I need to write right now. So, this one is going to cover 3 of them.

1) The Damaged Finger
There is lots of pain.
My finger had a hang nail.
It has no avail.

I pulled the hang nail. I always know it is a bad idea. I took it too far this time. I can no longer type with it because the pressure hurts it too much. I am currently sporting a plain band aid with nivea lotion. Hopefully I'll get Sesame street ones and neosporin tomorrow.  I cant even scroll with my touch pad. My ring finger is in overdrive from picking up the middle fingers slack.

2)The Retard Bag
Target Plastic Bag 
Lets all ruin the O-zone
This one is a dud.

I got a package of retarded plastic bags at work the other day. I claimed one for myself. The handle was screwed up and I couldn't even open the bags up all the way. Talk about lame. I doubt that this can be used for any of the 10 recommended ways to reuse the bag. Maybe the doggy duty (doody) or packaging. Anyway. I thought it was a funny bag. I will keep it.

3)The New Blanket
One works pretty good
Two work a whole lot better
Good sleep is not rare

Jennie got me a blanket for my birthday. I am big on blankets and throw pillows, so it was super cool to get. Anyway, I almost never sleep under any comforter. For as long as I can remember I have always slept on top of my sheets and comforter and under my old school, pastel baby blanket. Unfortunately, I have a tendency to not sleep well because of my warm-bloodedness. One would think I would learn to sleep under my blankets and not on top of them. Anyway, I have recently added this lovely red throw like blanket to my bed and to my sleeping necessities as well. Ive been sleeping ten times better having two blankets. I love it. Hooray. I refuse to sleep under any of my five other blankets/duvets/quilts/comforters for now. I'll wait a couple more years... or till winter.

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