Monday, May 12, 2008

Reason to be happy

Today I have many reasons to be happy, but these are two very significant ones. About four weeks ago I ordered a shirt from Outback Bicycles in Waco, TX. I ordered one brown shirt. Why? well, Waco kind of has this thing where the saying, "keep waco wacko" is kind of a big deal. Anyway, I really wanted to get one of the shirts before I left Baylor, but Common Grounds (the amazing little coffee place) was too expensive. Anyway, after a long search I found this place over the internet. So, like I said, I ordered one brown shirt. Well, about three weeks in I was still waiting for it in the mail. I called them and they were like, "oh yeah, we ran out of brown. Did you want a different color or for us to just refund your money?" So I was like, "yeah yeah yeah. Ill take the blue shirt." Well it came in the mail today and they gave me two for my troubles.  I am a happy camper! 


eric m. said...

um... there is a good reason for that saying. i don't know how funny it is to joke about. maybe it's more funny if you are from that area, i don't know.

15 years ago now...february 28, 1993 was the date all the action happened. it was not a good thing.

more info:

Elisha said...

Dear eric,
that wasnt even in waco. It was outside of waco. Very common misunderstanding that is. But thats okay, its just a waco thing.