Sunday, May 4, 2008

Reunited and it feels so good

So, if you are wondering what the pictures are about then allow me to explain. If you dont know, these here are my closest friends from Waco. In the top picture (from left to right) you see my fellow El Pasoan, Elba (who I went to high school with but never talked to unless it was to get "help" on my anatomy homework), then my most amazing roommate, Alyssa, and my homie next door, Alexa. We were pretty tight back in the day. I think it started with Hoffman (my garden gnome) propping our door open every day. So, Elba and Alexa were pretty much in our room a whole lot of the time.  Well, obviously Im no longer at Baylor, but they are. This weekend they took a trip down to Austin to stay at Alyssa's house then headed down to San Antonio for Six Flags. Lucky dogs. Anyway, at about 12:30 my time and 1:30 their time, we started video chatting. Its been a long time. So, this is kind of what my life was like back then. These girls where my friends (and still are of course). Tonight we did things like, made strange faces, sang some of Larry's silly songs, made music with our mouths, captured images (or film) of us being ridiculous, and were just kind of ourselves. I miss them and they miss me. Love Love Love.

Picture1) the group, we are friends
Picture2) Alexa, she always does the peace sign
Picture3) Alyssa, she is attempting to make a heart with her hands. I caught it
Picture4) Elba, she has a hart shaped face... see?
Picture5) Elba, I almost left this one out for her sake, but put it in because I love her too much not to
Picture6) Elba and Alyssa, Elba is being strange (as always) and Alyssa is looking beautiful (also as always)
Picture7) Elba and Alyssa are preparing to say goodnight to me because it is like 3am their time and they have to drive back to school to get ready for finals and work tomorrow... or today?
Picture8) Elba (mostly) trying to tell me that they have to go, and Alyssa trying to to say goodbye
Picture9) Elba, the last picture taken for the night. She reposed just for me. Oh happy day.

its late now. Goodnight.


Elba Nieto said...

I am shame-faced...

Elisha said...

you are a love face

Alexa said...

hehe...i love you so!