Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Sunday

Im listening to Of Montreal. I hear, "Everyday feels like sunday baby, everyday feels so good." I think I might not agree. Though I look forward to most days for one reason or another, sundays are perhaps my favorite of all the days. I am positive of one thing. Today was an excellent day. I love not working on sundays. Sooooooo gooood. We went to coy and Sara's after church for lunch and Hells Kitchen. It was so nice out, but I was a bit strange. As the girls were "swimming" I was sitting under an umbrella with my heavy sweatshirt and my hood pulled up. I did not fit the environment. I however also did not get sunburnt. Hah! Take that. Also, I wasnt cold when the wind kind of brought a breeze. Kudos to Jennie and this picture. Emma shouldnt eat rocks, but she does anyway. Alivia shouldnt take her shoes off in the rocks because there are bugs, but she does anyway. She then puts her boot back on, takes one step into the grass and wants the shoes off again.

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jennie said...

what a great were pretty funny in the hot sun with a sweatshirt on, you crazy girl :)