Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A cupcake

A cupcake can go a long way. So, lately I havent had pictures for my blogs, but thats okay. A couple things to get out of the way first. 
1. I threw the chicken away today.
2. Eric claims there are no ducks by the apartments.
3. A cupcake can go a long way.

So, I work with this girl kelsie. She is pretty cool. Nice person, does outdoorsy stuff like off road, and has tattoos. Anyway, for the past week she has been trying really hard to get someone, anyone, to cover her shift today. Why today? Well, today was her birthday. Unfortunately, if I covered it, then I would go over 40 hours and get in trouble, so, I couldnt do it. I felt really bad for her. She had to be in at work by 12 and wouldnt get out till 8:30. She didnt end up finding someone to cover her shift and she couldnt really call in, so she had to work. Today I got to do something I havent been able to do (or perhaps just havent done) for a long time. I went and snagged two giant cupcakes, one chocolate, and one vanilla. Shifts work like this. Work two hours, break 15 minutes, work two more hours, lunch, work two hours, break (the two hours is all kind of relative to how long the shift is though). Anyway, I went into target at 2:30 and I had my two giant cupcakes. So, she was on her first break. I wished her happy birthday in the breakroom and presented her with her two cupcakes. I told her I felt really bad that she had to work on her birthday and just wished her a happy day. She was grateful and the other people in the breakroom proceeded to wish her a happy birthday saying they had forgotten, but happy birthday. Anyway, I remembered how good it feels to just catch people by surprise with a small gift. Yeah, thats about it. I think that it was something small, but she appreciated it and said, her birthday would consist of waking up, showering, going to work, getting off work, then sleeping. So, I figured at least there was some form of sad little cake. I left, bought a laundry hamper and a closet hanging shelf thing. 
In conclusion, it is fun to see people get excited and happy. Its also a lot of fun to be someone to bring that kind of "caught off guard" happiness.


Mom said...

you're the greatest, Elisha!

Jake Bramante said...

Good call! ;-)

Oh, can I start calling you cupcake? Just wonderin'.

eric m. said...


Cupcake Carrie said...

1. that chicken was nasty!
2. i believe you and i look forward to feeding ducks
3. cupcakes ALWAYS make things better
4. i'm excited to be your roomie!!!!