Monday, June 9, 2008


How do I begin a story of such epic proportion? How do I tell a tale of magnificent marvels? How do I convey the occurrences of such an inconceivable event? Well, Im not exactly sure, but that's alright because this is no such story. This is more of a story of an underdog who doesnt win, a story of a young bird taking off at first flight and falling quick and hard to the hot pavement below, a story of the race horse that leaves the starting gate and breaks its leg before it even gets a hundred feet out. This is a story my Nertz.

Chapter One
Jennie taught me a new game the other night. Nertz is the name of the game and the name of the game is Nertz. We played a couple rounds together when she told me something along the lines of, "If you played this with Alaina she would be so ultimately happy"

Chapter Two
I went home and told Alaina of my new found favorite past-time. We both excitedly pulled out two decks of cards. We did invite kevin into the game, but upon realizing how difficult it was to play with a deck of all blue cards he forfeited his spot. 

Chapter Three
Alaina and I played a few games. I won the first one and oh was I happy. (this is the part of the story where the little bird gets really excited to fly and kind of stretches out its wings,
 jumps up and down a little bit, and takes that leap) Alaina won the next game, and the next game, and I think another game after that. My hopes had not been crushed just yet though. After all, it was only my first night playing the game.

Chapter Four
Alaina and I played again tonight. The time was right, the music was on, she had a lollipop and I desired one. The games were starting. The first game went alright. The score was 44 to 40 and I was losing. I was alright with that. It was only four points. Now, let me tell you about a
 little problem I tend to have. I have a desire to get rid of all my cards even if I already got rid of all my nertz cards. So, I have the ability to call nertz whenever I want, but I also have the chance to just focus on getting rid of cards. (Note: NEVER DO THAT, its just a dumb move really) So, I keep getting rid of all my nertz cards but keep thinking that I can win by a long shot if I keep going. Wrong. I couldn't be more wrong. Here is how it kind of went down. I know that waiting to call nertz is dumb and every game I think to myself, "you have to call it, you have to call it, dont wait cuz she'll get more cards down than you." Guess what? I never call it. This is what happens. (this is where the race horse breaks its leg)
I made this chart in attempt to try and show how close I was in score to alaina. I also wanted to show how my scores were not constantly falling, but rather occasionally improving. The chart kind of works against all of that. As you can see, Alaina gradually declines, but brings it up in the end, while I am just completely inconsistent. I got way worse, way fast.

I hope to one day be as good as Alaina. I will keep practicing with her and be Nertz player of epic proportion. I will be the center of magnificent marvels. My inconceivable actions will be so difficult to convey. Mine will be a story of the underdog that took them all.


Jake Bramante said...

We should play sometime. I know how to play and am pretty average at it. The fun part is when things start getting heated I start sounding like Rain Man and sing a little. So even if it's not for the game, the entertainment value of laughing at me is worth it I've been told. ;-)

nertzfan said...

Hi , I found your blog by searching for "Nertz" online. It is cool to see others that know the game. I hope you don't mind but I just wanted to let you know about It has got a bunch of Nertz information there as well as videos and online Nertz games. Feel free to check it out. Also you, your friends/family are welcome to join fellow Nertz players in The National Nertz Association while you are there there.

alaina said...

We will just have to see about that...

jennie said...

elisha, you're awesome, and that nertz fan is interesting, but i'm glad you like the game, and i can't wait to dominate when i play you and alaina...hee hee...those are fighting words where i come from...

Garren and Jayne said...

That is so cool. Did Jennie happen to tell you we taught them all the game and then Jennie proceeded to beat us severly at it only to find out a few weeks later that she wasn't playing correctly. Cheating severly!!!
We'll have to invite you to our next game night.