Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Living it up

There was once this day, when I was younger, probably years back, when hamburger helper and tuna helper was more than common as a dinner in the Guido family. It is no longer that day. We live in a day when people like me live in apartments and have to concoct our own edible items for nourishment. 
Here is how the whole thing went down. What is this picture? That is a good question. No, I take it back, that is a great question. Does it not look oh so delicious? Does it not appeal to your eyes? Does it not make you want to taste its flavors and smell its scent? How about feel its texture or enjoy its splendor? The correct answer to these rhetorical questions would be "yes, it does!" Perhaps the answer that is more likely is "no, it doesnt".  My oh so wonderful parents came to town.  I was so happy to have my parentals come and visit me for a whole week. Let me tell you a little something about my parents. They love me. They went shopping for me. They bought me food. 
Here is how I chose what they purchased for me. I LOVE hamburger helper. There are strange points in time where I get the strangest cravings for things that my taste buds do not like in the least. For example, I HATE candy corn. Earlier this year I had a huge craving for candy corn. What did I do? I ate it and I was pleased. After eating it, I realized I that my taste buds were no longer approving of my insensible eating crusade. Aaaannnnyyyywwwwaaayyyy, I do not like tuna helper, but,  I was totally craving it and building it up in my mouth. My parents bought me tuna helper. I was pleased. So, the other night, actually it was saturday, I decided to make myself some dinner. Hamburger helper would have been the winner but unfortunately I had to ground beef, thus, tuna helper was the winner only by default. I cooked it, I ate it, I was pleased, then I realized I wouldn't mind going another year or so before eating it again.  This is what its like when you have your first apartment. This is not like college. This is living it up.

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D.J. said...

you did so many things that day