Thursday, July 24, 2008

On parks, geese, and ministry

Today was a great day. Today was a day to remember. Today Heidi and I decided to do something free and fun. Our day started out the same as usual. Heidi was thinking about breakfast and I was offering toast. As she opened the precious bag of gluten stuffed delights she noticed mold. Now, let me say this just for the record. I dont normally keep moldy bread lying around, but I think that it was a consequence of not keeping it in the refrigerator.  We decided to take a trip to woodland park where we could do something fun and free. We decided to feed the ducks.
Unfortunately for us the ducks proved to be much less motivated for food than the geese. We fed the geese. Well, it started out fairly innocent. The geese were interested it what was going on. They were mainly just hungry, but then they started getting mean. They chased Heidi off a couple times and that's when it hit me.
"Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation." This was part of all the world right? This was part of creation right? So I did. I told these unloving, ungrateful, selfish, mean geese about new life. I told them about God intending to bless the world then using Adam to do so, but you know, he kind of falls into sin so God intends for Abraham to kind of do so and through him he intends for Isreal to bless the world, but they kind of keep falling into whatever they think is right and they eventually find redemption, but fall again into what they think is right, so God, still wanting to bless the world kind of brings up a new Israel through Jesus and his death and resurrection. So now, God is intending to bless the nations through the church which is a result of the gospel of Jesus Christ giving us a purpose. So thats kind of an outline of what I was telling these geese.
I was trying so hard but I just felt I wasnt getting through to them. They eventually turned their backs to me, but there was one, one angry little goose that was just so mean. It started out with him just yelling at me while trying to spread my good news, but then it turned into physical attacking. Heidi made her way back and he began to torment her as well. I decided this evil creature needed a name. I called him Lucifer. 
He also went by Lu, Lucy and Louie for short. So he kept chasing us around until we realized that he was afraid to get on the bridge. In fact all of them were. We had found safe ground, but I wasn't finished. I decided just for kicks, to see what he would do if I did get him on the bridge.
I threw some bread on the bridge just out of his reach and what did he do? 
I'll tell you. He got on the bridge! I remained calm. I figured the best thing I could do was show him some love. 
I was wrong. He then he started attacking us again. Eventually I got so fed up with his torment that I started to yell at him. I told him he would get no more bread from me until he started showing us some respect. That also didnt work. Note the picture of him preparing to attack me. 
He chased us both away and I sadly felt defeated. Heidi went on to feed some very timid ducks and a curious squirrel while I took pictures of the event.
 Once it was time to make our way back to the car we were both a little bit weary of running into Lucifer. We saw him, but he didnt see us, or so we thought. We were almost there when he began chasing us again. We ran back to the car quickly and reflected on the experience. In addition to all of this, I learned that there is lots of fecal matter on the floor and my feet are very bad at avoiding it.


alaina said...

You are so funny. Great Story! I also really like the new look of your blog.

jennie said...

you girls are crazy

Mountiangurl2003 said...

WOW this is the winner of the best blog that I have ....(wait Im thinking)...yah EVER read!! It even tops Garen's Miricle Whip icky story!. Ma favorite part is that it's like a picture book. Which by the way I think that you should create!!! Long comment short, YOUROCK once again you out-awsome me!!