Saturday, July 19, 2008

Right now

Right now I wish I were getting ready to go to Thailand. Right now I wish I were getting ready to go on a trip to Indonesia. Right now I wish I could be next to my friends. I know I am where I am for a reason, but it's hard for me to see where I could have been if I decided to go thousands of dollars in debt to stay in Waco. Yeah, I miss my friends... a lot. Yeah, I miss Antioch... a lot. Yes, I love where I am now, and no I wouldn't change any of it. I just wish I could go on these mission trips. I wouldn't even have to be with my friends. I just want to be there right now. Im currently in a sad state. 

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eric m. said...

I'm sorry to hear you are discouraged Elisha, but remember that the Lord has you here for a reason. And not just to brighten the days of target customers, either. Your willingness to help in so many aspects at fresh life and the impact you've had, especially on the students will not go unnoticed. One Day you may see the door open to go abroad on a mission trip and serve there. It may not be exotic or glamorous in Kalispell but great things are happening and many because of your unselfishness to leave your comfort zone and serve here.