Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's not halloween yet, so stop pretending

The giraffe is back, 
Last time he came unexpectedly,
but this new arrival has been gradual.
This time he brings a friend
Two giraffes can bring more than is thought
They bring on silence deep and hearts uneasy.
Their presence reminds you of what you have not.

Even though it was offered,
Turned down was the incentive.
It must make sense though,
What reason would they leave?
When here they can envelope more than just letters.
They don't open doors or say please and thank you.
They are good at closing doors though,
and their silence can burn in any ear.
Why would anyone want to talk to a giraffe anyway?
They cannot talk back,
Or not how you would like. 
But they are good at closing doors,
and their silence can burn in any ear.

These giraffes leave it up to you.
Rid one by taking rest,
but this rest only makes the other stronger.
Rid the other by taking action,
But who can take action when a giraffe has afflicted you?

Your heart is not your voice,
but they seem to been so intertwined
That is why they come in two this time.
Take heed, they don't want you to go anywhere,
But who can go anywhere when a giraffe has afflicted you?

You have the means to rid them,
No height will scare them,
But don't hide your lows,
Because you are just one and they are strong. 
But take them on, add to your numbers and so to your heart 
because they are just giraffes and their presence reminds you of what you have not.