Thursday, September 4, 2008

Alternate Universe

Something weird is going on. It is possible I am living in an alternate universe. I mean, I have been in my room all day. I have had little to no contact with anyone from the outside world. I know that Heidi is now speaking spanish and Red Cross' internet has been acting up more than usual, so that is something.  Anyway, a while back I hopped on the google analytics boat. I just wanted to see how my blog was holding up in numbers on like a monthly basis. Well, I went to check it today and it looked different. The first thing I thought when I saw it was, "great, my analytics screwed up just like it did with Heidi and Solo."  But I took a deeper look. What had actually happened was that on September 2nd, I had 242 views. 242 views!? Now, I know that this may be a normal occurrence for some of my fellow bloggers, but my numbers never get this
 high. What's that all about? I normally only hang around in the 20's. So that was weird. 
Not to mention that my visits from around the world have really spiked up, especially in South America where I have become some kind of internet sensation in Brazil, and they speak Portuguese. I suppose I should learn the language and blog for them. Next time I will.   Anyway, I am fairly positive that there was a glitch somewhere in the system. I  plan to report it to google right away. This is pretty much unacceptable. Now my chart does not look as organized. Ugh.


Josh Bowers said...

Crazy! Remember when Coy got that message on his blog from Brazil? What is going on with Brazilians and Kalispell, Mt? I don't trust it.

Heidi Lusko said...

little carry told all of her friends!