Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lemon dill sockeye salmon served with herb buttered wild rice and seasoned vegetable medley

It's what's for dinner. So, tonight I did the unthinkable. I cooked myself dinner. Yes, I cooked exactly what this blog is titled. Although I told Carrie that real chef dont need to measure anything, and timers are lame, she did point out to me that my "cooking" rice actually was not cooking because I hadn't turned the stove on. I fixed that problem quickly. The only unfortunate thing about the whole shin dig was that I didnt cook things in the proper order, so some of my food was done before others. Another thing was that Im not old enough to drink that wine in my picture. (It's strictly for cooking with). Long story short, it was yummy (I assume. Im writing this as my fish cooks.) Yes, it was good. I can say that officially now.

Salmon Fillets- expensive
Wild rice- not too expensive
Vegetables- not too expensive
The gratitude of successfully cooking a your official REAL home cooked meal... priceless.

There are some things in life money can't buy, for everything else there's your mastercard.


Heidi Lusko said...

I am my father's daughter Elisha.

Jake Bramante said...

Feel free to "experiment" on me with your cooking at any time. ;-)

jennie said...

you go girl! hey wait, did jake just ask you to ask him over for dinner? that's so better watch out for stuff like that :)