Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Instant Lunch v. Cup Noodles: The ultimate showdown

I have a problem. Would you be interested in hearing about it? Either way I will share with you my problem.  I think when it comes to cheap meals one really shouldn't be all that picky. 
Lately I have been really craving ramen noodles and corn dogs. Don't ask me why, but I just have. Anyway, this is not my problem, well, it is a problem, but not the one I am addressing here. Okay, so for some reason I think that the Ramen instant lunches are FAR more superior than the Cup Noodles.
I haven't even ever had a Cup Noodle, well, at least I don't think I have. I think that it goes way back to my childhood. Ever since I can remember we just had ramen. Not the instant lunches (we didn't realize those existed yet.) These were just the regular red packaged noodles. I loved them. Well, time went on and we started buying the instant lunches. I loved those too. I loved them so much I was willing to give up regular ramen for good. I didn't though, thank the Lord. So, what I am getting at is that I love Instant Lunch. Now, Cup Noodles on the other hand, I do not love so much. In fact, I think that I hate them so much because I have always associated them with dirty grocery stores and cheap nasty that the school snack bar sold. I remember seeing the nasty little cup line the isles of the "Quality" Food Mart that always seemed to smell like fish. Oh, not to mention we only shopped there when we were getting our cheap mexican food stuff like sopa mix or dehydrated refried beans. This is also the place that only sells the off brand soda and has a cardboard cut out of a beer chick where the butchers are.... yuck. Not to mention the time my dad and I saw a nasty long hair in a packaged thing of raw meat.... yuck. This was one place they were often seen. Albertson's sold them, but had less of a variety. Coronado, the high school, sold the Cup Noodles also. They were cheap and the water came from a coffee pot sometimes. That kind of turned me off to them as well. Cup Noodles: Inferior.... and disgusting.
Today I went to the grocery store to get some instant lunches, but alas, they only had cup noodles. oh the sadness. I ended up with the old fashioned ramen.
So what am I getting at here? Well, this is my problem. I think that it is dumb to be picky about noodles that come in a cup. They are cheap and not really meant to be anything but that. But you see, I won't eat Cup Noodles even if they are given to me for free.  That is how much I detest them. I'm sure they are perfectly fine, but I won't eat them. I refuse. Also, I refuse to eat any other flavor than chicken. Not creamy chicken, not beef, not shrimp. All of those make me want to gag. I just want to gag. Anyway, tonight I ate chicken noodle soup, the condensed kind. I think it reminds me of home. I do have ramen for when Im ready though. I'm waiting till the time is right.

Doesnt that just look so good?


Matthew Turner said...

ever try the hot sauce from taco bell with ramen? it sounds gross until you try it

or try cooking an egg or two with ramen is also pretty tastey

now i just need to try both combos at the same time!

jennie said...

so, cup of noodle is my favorite, but don't worry, i'm not offended....but when you get free cup of noodles, just pass them along to me, don't go throwing them away or anything crazy like that.

Elisha said...

Jennie, you inspire me to be better than I am. If someone as cool, and neat, and awesome as you can love something like Cup Noodles, then I must not be seeing the greatness in them. Next time I am offered them for free, I will not throw them away, but I WILL do something crazy! I will eat them. Then I'll pass them on. Man, I feel bad for not even giving them a chance... I wouldnt do it for anyone else but you though...