Friday, December 26, 2008


I wish to share with you a story. It is a sad story. It is a gross story. It is a story.
Tonight some friends and I went to the most well known El Paso food place. We went to Chico's Taco's. Over at Chico's they serve this stuff called nasty. Nasty is basically rolled taco's in a mysterious liquid. Even though I find this place to be repulsive, others, and most, find it to be one of El Paso's greatest treasures. 
Let the pictures and story speak for themselves.

6:30- Departure to the newest of the El Paso Chico's Taco's
6:45-  Arrival at the newest of the El Paso Chico's Taco's. Admire how nice it looks.
6:46- Walk into building and notice the massive line that wraps around the building.
6:47- Get in line. While walking, be sure to notice the gentleman in the red hat that says "maria" with the virgin mary on it is laughing at you.
6:47- Notice this gentleman points you out to his wife. Notice that she looks you in the face, points at your beanie and laughs directly at you while chewing her paper bowl of nasty.
6:48- Take off Coal beanie.
6:49- AJ goes to the bathroom.
6:49- Start scoping out a place to sit.
6:52ish- AJ comes back and says, "If you don't think this is like the real Chico's, just go use the restroom."
7:10ish- Find a table. It only has one bench. The other side is for standing. Sit down.
7:17ish- Notice that a table with four seats gets up. 
7:18ish- Go sit down at a table that has yet to be cleared of its nasty.
7:19ish- Table is cleared.
7:20- Your friends join you as you take in the number calling from the front "setenta y uno!" "SEVENTY ONE!!!" 
7:27- "SEVENTY FOUR!!!!!"
7:27- Get up to go get food. Retrieve food. Notice nasty juices leaving their essences on your nice red tray.
7:28- Accidently elbow a woman going to get her food. Apologize. Lucky for you the lady is super nice and is all like, "Oh, don't you worry about it! Don't you even worry about it a bit!" Then she smiles at you, leaving you feeling warm and fuzzy inside.
7:30- Sit down with food and take lots of pictures.
7:32- Work yourself up to eat your fresh bowl of nasty.
7:35- Take a bite of the taco.
7:35- Chew taco.
7:36- Think about what is in your mouth..... Now, feel gross.
7:37- Take another bite... Notice the constancy of the cheese in your mouth....then swallow.
7:38- Decide that it is not worth eating. 
7:39- Get called a sissy by your friends.
7:40- Play with your food until you leave.


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