Tuesday, December 16, 2008

One Year

It is crazy to think about how quickly a year has gone by. Sometimes it is fun and sometimes it is hard, but for the most part it is fun. So, I want to make a tribute to my last year, err... first year of blogging. It will be quick and it will be fun.

December 2008: Carrie and I chopped down a christmas tree and named it after Michael Jackson.
December 2008: Carrie and I went to Pier One a lot.
November 2008: Someone was burning a ton of weed outside our apartment.
October 2008: Passion Vancouver Baby!
October 2008: Lenya's birthday party and party animals eating Noah.
September 2008: I cooked a real dinner for myself. It was delicious.
September 2008: My blog got like a couple hundred hits in one day. It was crazy.
September 2008: I finally blogged about Andrea's trip up to Montana.
August 2008: I pitted cherries. Jennie said I looked asian in this picture. I didn't mind.
July 2008: Heidi Lusko and I became compadres. We fed ducks together.
July 2008: I made myself Tuna Helper. It was gross, obviously.
June 2008: Summer Camp!
June 2008: I learned how to play nerts. Thank you jennie and alaina.
May 2008: I went on a strange juice fast. As you can see, apple carrot beet ginger juice is not so good.
May 2008: I was convinced I'd have to amputate my finger.
May 2008: I was attacked by a giant man eating mosquito.
April 2008: I had the craziest surprise birthday party ever!
April 2008: I watched the kids at church a lot.
March 2008: I lost my voice... completely
March 2008: Greg Laurie commented on my blog. The peoples were jealous.
February 2008: A snowman was murdered by gang violence.
February 2008: I made a lot of really great friends.
January 2008: I became a fan of coffee. This one was made by levi.
December 2007: I started blogging. The first was about how much I disliked this cat. His name is Evil Cat. Really, it is.

So that is a year. While writing this blog I started reflecting. I want to write better blogs for you people. I want them to be better. I want them to be for you. Also, I want to get a new phone so I can take better pictures for you. We will see. I'll update you in a year. Here's to one year!


Levi Lusko said...

I salute and congratulate you on a year well blogged...I am honored to have been honorably mentioned.

alaina said...

what an exciting and eventful year! I am so glad you decided to move up here to Montana and we sure are going to miss you a lot while you are gone.

Josh Bowers said...

Elisha, congratulations on one year of blogging and almost one year of being in Montana. It's been great having you up here! Have fun in TX

Cupcake Carrie said...

great blog! so many great memories and many more to come!!!!