Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My friend Monty

Hello people, 
It is my honor to let you know about a little friend of mine. His name is Monty. Now, out here in Montana there are not too many people. The population is very small compared to what I am used to, but in places such as this, we tend to make friends with even the strangest of creatures. How did we meet? Well, one day I was at the park and I heard a bunch of birds. They were laughing. They were picking on another bird. Now, I am a firm believer in justice and fair treatment. Just because someone looks a little different doesn't mean that they deserve to be mistreated. I know this. Growing up I was always the little girl that everyone picked on. All the boys pulled my hair, all the girls threw mud at me. All the little dogs bit my ankles and all the flowers seemed to turn away when I walked by. I am not sure why, it could have been my gimp or it could have been my two different colored eyes, but either way, being called gimpy McColorblind was not something I enjoyed. It really hurt. I think I was scarred the most when I wasn't allowed to play on the playground because I was so short. It was either that or that one time when the popular girls got mad at me for wearing a shirt with Ariel on it when everyone knew that she was soooo last year. Jasmine is the new Ariel. Whatever I say.
Anyway, Monty looks a little different from everyone else, but we became instant friends. I support him and he supports me. We are buds, pals, homies.  Oh monty, my sharp toothed friend, how I love you.


alaina said...

What in the world?!!

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jennie said...

you are so crazy - how do i count the ways?