Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Three Dollar Meal

I learned something pretty cool  few nights ago. I was a normal sunday night. I was significantly bored and severely hungry. Lucky for me, I happen to have a mother who is filled with wisdom.  I called her up and asked her if potatoes went bad. To which she said, "What do they look like?" So I told her that they were a little bit mushy and had a lot of stuff growing out of them. She then told me to throw them away. I told her that those were going to be my dinner. Now I was stuck with eating peanut butter, wheat thins, green beans and olives. 
I made my way to Albertson's instead. My mom taught me how to get a lot for a little. As I perused the isles she told me about turkey legs and how I can get them cheap. So I asked the butcher if they had any. I got three and a half pounds for only 3.50. Good deal. Anyway, after scoring some cheap fresh meat and cheese and veggies I went home. Last night I cooked a $3.50 meal which consisted of half a turkey leg with turkey gravy, potatoes and broccoli with cauliflower. All in all it was very delicious. Yummy Yummy.   

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