Thursday, February 26, 2009

International Night

Tonight was quite the night. Tonight, after driving for some time in the horrible snowy conditions, Danielle and I went to lakeside to go to a community meeting at YWAM. Here is how it has pretty much gone down in the past. For the past few months I have seriously been intending to go to these community meetings, but I, being the savvy procrastinator who is often significantly frightened by uncomfortable situations, managed to find a way out of putting myself in such a described uncomfortable situation. 
Tonight I was very intent on going. I had made sure that I had no previous plans for tonight.
 On another note, yesterday I decided that I had peace with winter leaving. It hadn't snowed for quite some time and as I drove home the raindrops fell on my windshield like impatient fingers strumming on a table top. I was so glad spring was here, or at least around the corner. I went to the church and after about an hour I looked out the window and to my discontent it was snowing to no avail. 
 This morning I woke up and it was still snowing. The roads were icy and my heart sank. I knew what this meant. It would be another week until I would go to lakeside.
 Later on I got a text from Danielle inviting me over for dinner and then she would drive us out to lakeside. I was overjoyed to know that I would still make it out to the base. 
 After a scary drive out to Somers and a delicious pizza dinner we were off. 
 We arrived and I was immediately approached by some girls I had met a few days before at Target. The night began with a video and a few presentations, one from India and one from Taiwan. They were both very fun to watch. I was ordered to dance. Like I said, it was fun. Then we traveled around to each table and picked up some food. Did I mention it was International Night? There was food from all over the place. I laughed at the Mexico table that served horchata, mexican hot chocolate and dirty water, which is basically, "just regular water but with a hand full of dirt in it... for you more adventurous types."
 All in all it was a really good night. I talked to a few people, one of which was leading the current DTS. I think it was a really good experience for me. Although it was awkward, I got some good insight. Or at least I think I did. 
Here are some pictures of people dancing and my food from nepal and.... uganda. The egg ladies were yummy, but they are not pictured here. Favorite drink: Chai Tea. Favorite food: rice and crazy stuff and the egg ladies. Dessert goes to.... Columbia.

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