Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Awkward moments that I am not a fan of:

There are some perks to working at Target. Such perks would include the sad little ten percent I save when I pay with cash, checks, gift cards, or target cards. That is almost not a perk, but it is a little one, thus, it is a perk. They are also pretty flexible with hours. That is nice. This is not a place I desire to be stuck at much longer, but it is definitely good for now. 

There are some things about working at Target which are not perks at all. Today I experienced one. This really isn't Target's fault at all, however, I am still unhappy about the situation.

When you work at the service desk there is a nice little job you have to take care of every hour. It involves gloves, bleach water, brooms, mops, and paper towels... if you do it right. I am talking about restroom check ups. The job isn't that bad. Well, it's pretty unpleasant, but on the upside, I feel like it makes time go by faster because I oddly find myself looking forward to that time each hour. It is like a marker in a timeline. I pretty much base my day on how many more times I have to check the restroom.

There is a cart attendant... usually. The cart attendant checks the mens bathroom every hour on the half hour. Usually the said cart attendant does not arrive until noon-ish. I usually go to work at eight... in the morning. If you know me in the mornings, I am not pleasant. That is not the point. They don't usually schedule someone at guest service in the mornings. For the most part I spend my first few hours working over there just to make sure everything is set up and what not. Well, like I said, a part of that job is restroom checks. I have to check the restroom and press a little button located under the sink that clears the restroom for the next hour.

In the mornings, I check the women's and men's restroom. Every morning I clean the women's restroom first. I then make my way down to the men's room (which is often way cleaner.) I knock on the door loudly. I open it, and in a clearly audible voice I call out, "RESTROOM CHECK! IS ANYONE IN HERE!?" To which I usually get one of two responses. The first is sometimes, "There is someone in here." I then make the decision not to go in and instead just hang around. Often I get no response. Men apparently either don't use the restroom very often or they don't shop at Target between eight and eleven in the morning.

Today I followed procedure. I cleaned the women's, proceeded to the men's. I knocked. I called out, "RESTROOM CHECK! IS ANYONE IN HERE!?" No response. I assumed it was safe. I walked it to see a man crouched (or standing or whatever you guys do) over a urinal, to which I said in a ticked off, unhappy, obviously annoyed voice, "Of course someone is in here!" I turned around and as I walked out he replied in a nervous, guilty voice, "yeah... there is someone in here." Here is my question for you sir. Why, why, why would you not reply to me? Did you think I just wanted to ask if someone was in there for kicks and giggles? Did you think that if you didn't respond I would decide not to enter? Did you think you could finish up in the matter of time it takes me to walk two steps and turn a corner? Is my voice manly? EVEN IF IT WERE, I ASKED IF YOU WERE IN THERE! 

Anyway, this sort of thing happens often. That is the word at the check lanes at least. I guess I was just too naive to think that I wouldn't be someone who had one of those unfortunate stories to tell. I immediately grabbed a piece of paper and wrote, "Things to blog about: Hating men in restrooms."

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