Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My strange feet

Here is something interesting. Occasionally I google myself and the people I love. Don't ask me why, because if you do I will just give you lame answer like, "I don't have a better way to waste my time." or, "It's better than facebook." Anyway, tonight I found that someone posted a video of my feet on to a random video hosting site. Well, I guess it's not really hosting, but it is similar in that people make playlists of videos and share them. Whatever. Anyway, my video was posted. It doesn't work, but I reported the error. I said, "the video doesn't work, the screen is black, and those are my strange feet!?!"
I pressed send and it verified that it was sent and next to it, there was an image of my feet. The image of the video before you hit play.
I thought it was funny.

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