Wednesday, April 29, 2009

One of my favorite places

I am on vacation. My friends are not. They are actually in their last week of school... like actual school. Finals are in a couple weeks. Anyway, they have class. I do not. Because they have school and I do not have school I have been spending a lot of time in apartments. I can't handle that for very long. In attempt to break away from being caged up in apartments all day long I have been spending more and more time at Common Grounds. This place is nice. Oh, it is so comfortable. It is so lovely. It is so... chill. People do things here. Some people study for school. Some people study God. Some people laugh. Some people talk. Some people use their computers. Some people build relationships. Some people just sit. Some people work. I have done most of these since I have been here. It used to be that I couldn't focus here, but I think I have been spending so much time here lately that it doesn't even really matter. All I am getting at is this:
Right now I am sitting outside... kind of. It is not raining, but these cool lights are on above. They look neat. I have been sitting here for two hours now. Where has the time gone? It is so lovely right where I am. When I first got here there were four Mac's opened. Those people have left. At the end of my table is a fellow who appears to be studing something boring. It is probably boring because he is using a Dell. Just look at him making faces at his computer. He is so unaware of what is going on over here at my side of the table. Great things.
Here are pictures. I stole them off the internet. Do you have any idea how weird it would be for me to walk around and take pictures? It would be awkward, and not the kind of awkward that I enjoy.

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