Sunday, April 12, 2009


Last night, after spending a wonderful time eating and dying eggs with the Kimport's, I came home. Actually, that is not true. I went to Target and bought a dozen eggs for 99 cents. What a bargain. Then I went home. I had been reading about organically dying eggs and seeing as how I didn't have enough money to buy a dozen brown onions or even a single red cabbage, I did what I do best. I improvised. Instead I made coffee. I made strong, black coffee. After my eggs were hard boiled (which was quite the process) I put them into cups and poured steaming, hot, delicious coffee all over them. I let them sit for a little while then took them out of their cozy little homes. I think they look like brown eggs. They are now at least. My favorite ones are the darker ones, which really aren't all that dark. Here is the process.

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