Sunday, April 12, 2009

Quality Time

According to the tests my love language is quality time. Well that is one of them. Even though there are only five, I have tied the tests for the first. Like I said, quality time is one, but words of affirmation are another. Those are some of my favorite things. Does that make me a people person? I like to hang out with people, and I like it when people talk to me. 

Anyway, today I got to chill out with Ella upstairs so Sara could go sit in a service. I like Ella a lot. She is such a chill kid. Seriously, I love her a lot. We opened up a bible, did a little reading and listened to some old school Jars of Clay. She just sat in my lap the whole time. Good child. We like our quality time. Take that away and you take away our freedom. 

That is all.

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