Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Shops of River Square Center

"Whoever said money cant buy happiness didn't know where to shop."

This is the motto of such a lovely little area of Waco. I may not agree with it, but it sure got the best of me. Oh these shops. Elba and I started by entering in through Spice, where we committed not to buy anything. I feel like getting through that store wasn't too difficult, but once we moved upstairs (through the luxuriously nice elevator) it was a little bit harder to refrain from our impulsive desires to spend, spend, spend. Upon several occasions we agreed that our hearts had been been hurting. So many things to buy. So many lovely, lovely, lovely things to buy. We intentionally had decided to end with the clothes (although that may have been poor planning on our part.) I wanted to buy so much stuff. Instead we each tried on two items and intended for it all to only go that far. Unfortunately Elba proved to be stronger than I. I spent nearly 40 bucks. That hurt almost as much as walking out of the store with nothing at all. On the bright side, I treated myself to something. That was nice. Also, Elba helped back me out of spending 14 dollars more on a necklace... which I might add would have looked perfect with the outfit. Oh well, next time I suppose.
The End

Here is a link to the shop that I bought something at. 


{from the tip of my brain 2 yours} said...

You crack me up! Oh what would Dave Ramsey say... hmmm... ehhhh who cares! vacation is vacation! just don't go broke! lol I'm sure you won't. Sounds like Elba is a great friend! What would we do without friends? I guess carry a picture of Dave Ramsey... that would do the trick.

alaina said...

Looks like a really cool shop, I can't wait to see what you bought!

Elisha said...

and that was just one of the shops.