Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Forever 21

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. This place is cool... and cheap. There is only a few things I want to say. The one in Waco is big. Not the biggest in the nation, but it is big. 

If you live in Montana:

Think about the size of the active room. Now tear down the wall that connects it to the SM offices. Good. That is big. Now that you have that image in your head, think about this. That size room was about the size of the jewelry room at this forever 21. 

Now, think about, oh the size of JC Pennies at the mall. That is about the size of the store. That is big. And fun. And hard to resist. The only bummer part was that they didn't have a small enough size for the shirt I wanted. Bummer, eh?

If you don't live in Montana:

Sorry, I can't relate anything. I live in Montana. It is all I can relate to. 

But it was cool...

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