Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pepto Car

I remember growing up there was this big house we would always pass on the way to school. We (myself and other immature middle schoolers) always referred to it as "The Pepto-Bismol House." It was an awkward pink color. If I were to describe it, I would do so by first asking you to picture a faded Pepto-Bismol like color. If you still didn't understand, I would tell you to picture one of those yard flamingo's that were such a big hit in florida retirement homes in the 50's. I would then tell you to imagine to color of that flamingo after fifty years of sitting in some unattended, gnome infested yard that has been overly populated by unattractive yard and garden accents. That color is the color of our little Pepto-Bismol house.

Good news! I may have moved away from El Paso, but that color still lives on, even in Montana! That's right folks, it lives on even in my own neighborhood! The other day, as I was talking on the phone I glanced out my bedroom window only to pull a double take at the sake of a nice little car. This is The Pepto-Bismol Car. I wanted to get closer, but I was afraid that going into their yard and taking a picture would be far too obvious. Instead I took a picture from my window. I also wanted to get one with the blinds in the image. I thought it would be somewhat humorous. I was too afraid to even leave the house to capture such a sight. Also, I wonder what I would have looked like, lurking in my room, with my camera in hand and suspicious picture taking of the neighbors car. I like that thought. I'm kind of like a mix between some detective and eerie creepster. I don't like the creepster part.  I'm kind of like a mix between some detective and some highly trained spy!

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